Soil Solution Sampling

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Samplers with a Ceramic Cup

Samplers with ceramic cup

Samplers with ceramic cup

For general agriculture ceramic cup samplers are a good and cheap method of sampling soil solution but the material can affect the chemistry of compounds (such as Phosphorous, pH).

Different lengths are available for sampling to different depths in diameters 31 or 63mm

Collect a large amount of soil moisture in a relatively short period of time.

Soil Solution

Fact not fad - our soil solution sampling equipment is the researcher's favourite

At Van Walt we've concentrated on two sampling methods. For general soil water extraction, especially when larger volumes of samples are required we supply ceramic cups. These are cheap and work well when simple analyses such as residual nitrates are needed.

Unfortunately ceramic cups can interfere with the chemistry of certain elements, compounds or measurements such as for example pH and Phosphorus and other metals. When a large range of analyses need to be carried out then the Rhizon samplers have become very useful and are now more or less the researcher's favourite in the UK and many parts of Europe. Rhizon samplers are made of a porous and inert polymer.

In crop irrigation studies soil tension is an important measurement. We have an array of different tensiometers available with manual or electronic readout facilities.

Research Grade Soil Solution Sampling