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Latest Newsletter - Issue 17

Why we love Aquaread™

Why we love Aquaread™

Of particular interest to our customers will be the AquaLogger™ . This is designed for remote data logging of pH, EC, Redox, DO, Turbidity, Temperature, Depth and more.  It is compatible with all Aqua probes providing up to 6 months continuous recording, logging up to 32,000 complete sets of data for each sensor. It has programmable event triggers and an intuitive, Windows software interface to allow for easy data retrieval and display. An example of the data can be seen here.

In addition to the AquaLogger™ we are delighted to supply the Aquameter™ - a sophisticated, easy to use water quality test meter for fast and accurate surface and groundwater quality measurements including dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, temperature, pH and ORP. The Aquaprobe™, available in 10 different versions to cover everything from pH testing to comprehensive water analysis, even in the harshest conditions and which also works well with our new telemetry system.

Finally the AquaPlus™, an advanced, high precision portable Optical Dissolved Oxygen measurement system for field use is both compact and strong as it has been designed to give maximum performance over the long term.  Containing a barometric sensor and an optical DO sensor, plus a precision temperature sensor and an electrical conductivity (EC) sensor the meter will record up to 2000 sets of readings tagged with time, date and position can be taken and downloaded to most popular spreadsheets as well as Google™ Maps and Google™ Earth, where the readings can be overlaid on maps or satellite photos.

For more information on our range of Aquaread™ meters click here.

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