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Latest Newsletter - Issue 17

Why does it take an American to shake us up over litter?

According to Mr Bryson: "This is not a complicated or controversial issue, organisations responsible for public land are required to keep it clear of litter and if they're not taking this responsibility seriously, we all have the power to compel them to do so, and do so we should.

"Railway operators and Network Rail are not the only offenders, but they are responsible for far too much uncollected litter.

"The first impression for a visitor arriving in a town is often formed by their view from a train carriage, and it is a disgrace that that view is so often a degraded and dirty one that suggests a lack of care or pride in the area.

But isn’t it a shame it takes an American to galvanise us into action over litter (albeit one who now lives in the UK), we should all be up in arms about this problem that blights our beautiful country.  For more information visit CPRE website.

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