Sap Flow Sensor

The Implexx Sap Flow Sensor to monitor sap flow, transpiration and the stem water content in plants. An advanced but easy to use sap flow sensor designed by scientists that uses a thermometric sensor based on the heat pulse family of method. This sensor integrates with the vanwaltDataHub for the remote collection of plant data.

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  • Measures the entire observable range of heat velocity and sap flow in plants
  • An economical heat pulse sap flow sensor
  • Versatile digital solution
  • Easy to increase sample size and replication
  • Configured to measure two sapwood radial depths: outer and inner
  • Low Power and less management
  • Output calibrated sap flow, heat velocity, stem water content, stem temperature, and more
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Sap Flow Sensor Equipment Options:


  • Orchards
  • Vineyards
  • Plant & Fruit Growers
  • Arborists


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