Leaf & Bud Temperature Sensor

Leaf & Bud Temperature Sensor innovatively tracks temperature. Designed to mimic leaves and flower/fruit buds, so will track their temperature when it drops below the ambient air temperature so the grower can activate frost protection equipment in time to protect crops safely and economically.


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A range of sensors which can be added to the vanwaltDataHub to provide a system of remote monitoring to ensure and promote plant growth and welfare.

  • Wide and accurate range of measurements
  • Easy and flexible mounting options
  • On-site, real-time warning of radiation frost events
  • Compatible with Van Walt’s Data Collection systems

Leaf & Bud Temperature Sensor Equipment Options:


  • Leaf and bud temperature estimates in:
  • Cropped fields
  • Cultivated land
  • Orchards
  • Vineyards
  • Plant & Fruit Growers


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