Gouge Auger Sets

Efficient Gouge Auger Sets for cohesive soil sampling research. Available with different sized gouges so you can cope with different soil conditions and types

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  • Very fast and easy way to sample
  • Push, twist, pull – that’s it!
  • Sample in the toughest soils
  • With extension rods are capable of sampling to 10 metres
  • Undisturbed profiles in lengths of 50cm or 1m
  • Shaped from flat steel to give the cleanest, sharpest sample
  • Easy to clean and very strong
  • Mini gouge augers are available for smaller top layer samples
  • Ideal for peat soils

Gouge Auger Sets Equipment Options:


  • Soil mapping
  • Soil suitability reviews
  • Educational purposes
  • Root research
  • Soil sampling for agricultural and fertilisation research
  • Clay distribution research
  • Paleontological research


Single Gouge Auger Set The single gouge augers cannot be extended and are supplied in various lengths and diameters. Sets for sampling:
Soft soil layers
Tougher layers
Tougher soils which includes a hammer
Bi-partite Gouge Auger Set Gouges can be extended by coupling an extension rod. Sets for:
With bayonet connections
With conical screw thread connections
Solid layers with extension rods, hammer with nylon heads and strong carrying bag



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