Ceramic Cup Samplers

For general agriculture Ceramic Cup Samplers are a good and cheap method of sampling soil solution but the material can affect the chemistry of compounds (such as Phosphorous, pH).

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Ceramic Cup Samplers are a cost effective soil moisture samplers, ideal for sampling low interaction chemicals like nitrates.

  • Good value and simple to use
  • Sampling to different depths
  • Perfect for low interaction chemicals
  • Sturdy so suitable for long term installation
  • Body of sampler produced from trace metal free PVC
  • Collects a large amount of soil moisture in a relatively shorter period of time
  • Sample stored in body, no separate jars
  • Available in various lengths and diameters
  • Simple installation
  • Sample collected by inserting a ‘catheter

Ceramic Cup Samplers Equipment Options:


  • Salinity measurements in the soil after irrigation or the application of fertiliser
  • Determining elements and compounds washed into or out of soil
  • Pollution in the unsaturated zone


Different lengths are available for sampling to different depths, up to 150 cm Diameters 31 or 63mm


Technical Specifications
Trace metal free PVC
30 cm
60 cm
90 cm
150 cm
31 mm
63 mm
Porous Cup
High quality 92% pure AL2O3 porous cups


Stopper assembly for 48 mm cup


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