Ceramic Cup Samplers

For general agriculture Ceramic Cup Samplers are a good and cost-effective method of sampling soil solution. The material can affect the chemistry of compounds (such as Phosphorous, pH).

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Ceramic Cup Samplers are a cost effective soil moisture samplers, ideal for sampling low interaction chemicals like nitrates.

  • Good value and simple to use
  • Sampling to different depths
  • Perfect for low interaction chemicals
  • Sturdy so suitable for long term installation
  • Body of sampler produced from trace metal free PVC
  • Collects a large amount of soil moisture in a relatively shorter period of time
  • Sample stored in body, no separate jars
  • Available in various lengths and diameters
  • Simple installation
  • Sample collected by inserting a ‘catheter

Ceramic Cup Samplers Equipment Options:


  • Salinity measurements in the soil after irrigation or the application of fertiliser
  • Determining elements and compounds washed into or out of soil
  • Pollution in the unsaturated zone


Different lengths are available for sampling to different depths, up to 150 cm Diameters 31 or 63mm



Stopper assembly for 48 mm cup


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