Arable Land Auger

An Arable Land Auger to take soil samples in medium to hard soils. An Eijkelkamp auger that is quick and easy to use for soil sampling for chemical and fertiliser analysis. Therefore better yields and higher crop quality.  Van Walt offers a series of specialist gouges and augers to ensure you have the right tool to take soil and sediment samples.

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Arable Land Auger: to take samples from arable land for quick and easy analysis of chemical and fertiliser requirements for better yields and higher quality crops.

  • Slim auger bodies for ease of insertion
  • Suitable for medium to harder soils
  • For sampling top layers and suitable for most sampling jobs
  • Perfect for chemical sampling in the root zone
  • Made from non-toxic steel
  • Available in sampling lengths of 25cm and 60cm
  • Sampler is graduated in 5cm increments

Arable Land Auger Equipment Options:


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