Advanced Peristaltic Pump

micro purge Peristaltic Pump

Our Advanced Peristaltic Pump is the industry standard for groundwater environmental research.

Specifically designed for use in the field it has a built in battery and is microprocessor controlled to enable an adjustable, constant number of revolutions which can then be stored in the memory.  There is added protection to avoid overloading the pump and controlling it is done from the keypad on the front.

The built-in, maintenance free 12 volt battery delivers 2 to 5 hours of continuous pumping. The pump, with CE certification, is splash-proof (IP 64) for field use and can be used in all positions for long term professional use in unfavourable conditions.


–          Light weight, impact resistant plastic, splash-proof housing

–          Microprocessor controlled

–          Immediate deployment

–          Powerful engine and reduction gear unit

–          Reliable and universal peristaltic pump that can create a perfect vacuum

–          Large variation in speed and flow. Flow from 0 to 2.3 litres per minute

–          Membrane keypad on a well ordered control panel

–          No petrol vapours or exhaust gases

–          Protected against overload.


–          Purging monitoring wells

–          In-line filtration for groundwater sampling using the filter holder or 0-45 micron disposable filters for removal of soil particles from water samples

–          By adding an impellor pump to the peristaltic pump larger quantities of water can be removed for well development

–          Pumping up soil gas or taking dust samples from the air

–          The precision and process of in-line measurement can be improved by connecting a flow-through cell, in which for instance pH, conductivity, 02, or Redox electrodes have been placed.

Our Advanced Peristaltic Pump is available to buy or rent, click here for more information.