Extolling the benefits of ‘no purge’ sampling

March 3, 2011

No purge sampling has been around since 2000 in the US and now, Van Walt, want to ensure it’s a groundwater sampling technique that becomes widely used in the UK.

Why? Because with the right equipment no purge sampling is simpler and requires less equipment on site, less time is on site, it’s safer and more cost effective to collect the samples and data quality is improved and there is no waste purge water to dispose of – a win/win from every angle.

In response to this sampling revolution from the US we have introduced the Snap Sampler. A groundwater sampling device that we believe will change the way groundwater samples are collected in the future, especially in difficult conditions such as those with low yield wells. To see how it works take a look at our video (http://www.vanwalt.com/snap-sampler-video.htm).

There is much reference material related to no purge sampling produced by experts in the field of groundwater research so for more information on the research behind no purge and passive sampling take a look at: http://www.itrcweb.org/teamresources_1.asp .

If you have a view on low flow, no purge sampling techniques post your comments below. With all new techniques there is bound to be divided opinions – let’s start the debate here!

Tracey Daley

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